With CSB Bank Personal Loan I Managed a Medical Emergency!

For your financial emergencies, Catholic Syrian Bank offers a personal loan. Using the loan, you can solve your financial problems. The interest rate charged on your borrowed amount starts from 12.00% per annum. And on the CSB Bank personal loan, a fixed interest rate is charged, it means the rate doesn’t change during the repayment duration. Read this article to know more about the CSB personal loan.

Does the CSB bank personal loan is for salaried?

Yes, if you have a regular income along with a stable job in a reputed institution for at least 3 years, then you are an eligible applicant for the loan. The bank provides 10 times gross monthly income in one time via the loan, so you don’t have to worry about funds. Health is one of the most precious things and no one could buy good health. Or if you face a medical emergency and fall short of funds, then you can use a CSB bank personal loan. 

With a monthly income of INR 15,000, you can apply for a CSB personal loan. And the equated monthly installments of your borrowed amount doesn’t exceed more than 50% of your income.

How can I pay for the loan?

You can pay the borrowed loan and the charged interest up to 5 years, it is the maximum duration the bank provides you to pay the amount. And nonpayment of the loan can damage your credit history and lower your credit score. So for the vice versa, you need to pay the loan timely without making any default in the payment. When you apply for the CSB bank personal loan, it is approved in less than 24 hours and disbursed to your account. And from the next month onwards the bank requires the EMI amount.

To pay the loan, you can use different payment services such as post-dated cheques and Electronic Clearing Service. The advantage of these services is that it makes your payments smoother and easier. Or, you can swap the payment method whenever you want to by paying INR 500+GST swap charges to the bank. 

Want to get a CSB personal loan follow 3 easy steps!

The application process of the CSB loan is completed in 3 easy steps that is application, documentation, and processing. You need to first apply for the loan by filling the CSB bank personal loan form, you can do this both online and offline. Visit the CSB bank official website or use the mobile banking app for its easy service. Once the application form is submitted and approved by the bank, you need to submit documents. Those documents are your KYC documents like PAN, Aadhar, Driving license and Voter ID card. 

To confirm your salary, you can submit your salary slip, salary certificate or form 16. After the documents verification and confirmation, you are just one step away from your CSB bank personal loan. And the last step is processing for which the bank charges 1% of your loan amount. Once you get the approval from the bank, the loan is disbursed to your account. So don’t worry for funds if you have support from CSB bank in your emergencies.