Why Opt Aditya Birla Personal Loan for Financing your Needs?

Personal loans help to finance any shortfalls they are experiencing in terms of buying a car, renovating their house, sending kids abroad for higher studies, vacation plans or meeting wedding expenses. Aditya Personal Loan is the bridge that you need in achieving your short term dreams or needs. It offers loans at interest rate as low as 14 per annum. Aditya Birla aims to ease off the burden from the shoulders of the customer by providing pocket friendly EMI. With such a good personal loan package, Aditya Birla aims to provide you with a better tomorrow. Let’s check out what makes the Aditya Birla Personal Loan an attractive option to fulfill your personal financing needs.

What are the Benefits of Aditya Birla Personal Loan?

Collateral Free: The personal loan offered by Aditya Birla is unsecured in nature, that means the NBFC doesn’t ask for any collateral or securities to be pledged against it. All you have to do is just meet the eligibility criteria and the Aditya Birla personal loan is yours.

Fixed Rate of Interest: Aditya Birla offers a fixed rate of interest on their personal loans. Thus, you won’t be subjected to any kind of fluctuations. You are safe if the interest rate increases because you’ll be paying the same interest rate come whatsoever.

Attractive Interest Rates: Adity Birla offers interest rate as low as 14% to as high as 26%. The interest rate that you get from the NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) depends on numerous factors such as credit history, credit score, debt to income ratio, employment stability and more so. But, CIBIL score is a dominant factor in the interest rate you bag from Aditya Birla. If you have a good CIBIL score (750 and above), you can negotiate with Aditya Birla to grant you loan at the lowest interest rate possible.

Loan Amount: Very few lending institutions offer a loan amount higher than INR 20 lakh. Aditya Birla is certainly one of them . It knows how important the loan amount is for you the have the best experience or fulfill any urgent need. This is the reason why it offers personal loan amount upto INR 50 lakh.

Co-Applicant Can Be Included: In case you need high amounts to meet your needs in hand, Aditya Birla offers the facility of including a co-applicant in the loan application form to increase your eligibility for a high loan amount.

Flexible Tenure Options: Adity Birla gives you the liberty to pay the loan amount according to your choice. Yes, evaluate your repaying ability and then choose a time frame to repay the loan. However, the maximum time period allowed to repay the Aditya Birla Personal Loan is 60 months.

What is Aditya Birla Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria Like?

Aditya Birla Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria is fairly simple as compared to applying for loans with other banks and NBFCs. They don’t complicate the process by asking the customer a zillion documents. All they want is you to be a salaried person and the loan is almost yours with some documentation requirements. Following are the documents you’ll need to submit to back Aditya Birla personal loan eligibility criteria process:

  • Last three months salary slips with the current employer.
  • Last three months bank statement.
  • KYC documents as requested.


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