How Indiabulls Personal Loan Is Paid?

You can get the best loan for your personal needs from Indiabulls. And using the Dhani mobile app of Indiabulls the loan process is easy and useful. The financial institution offers a loan from INR 1,000 to INR 15 lakh. And as per your needs, you can borrow the loan amount. With the help of the Dhani app, you can pay Indiabulls personal loan. The payment procedure is simple and easy to use, read the article to know more about the Dhani payment service.

What is a Dhani app?

A mobile app that can help you borrow money from Indiabulls instantly is Dhani. And you can download the app to your smartphone to apply for the loan. Indiabulls personal loan interest rate starts from 13.99% per annum. The interest rate is based on your credit score and payment history. You can apply for the loan and complete the loan process using Dhani. Once your loan is approved, the amount is disbursed to your account.

And after the loan disbursal, the only question left was payment. You can pay the Indiabulls personal loan in equated monthly installments. To calculate the EMI, you can use the Dhani app. Enter the loan amount, interest rate and tenure to the online calculator.

Suppose, you have borrowed INR 4 lakh at an interest rate of 14.60% for 18 months. Then the computed EMI from the calculator would be INR 24,879. 

Choose payment for Indiabulls personal loan!

You can select your bank account and choose the payment option whether ECS or NACH for the EMI payment. And as the loan procedure is online so does the payment. You can make payment through ECS from your bank account by selecting a date for the payment so that the EMI amount would auto-debit. On your timely EMI payments, you can’t only build your credit score but can earn Dhani points. 

On your EMI payment of the Indiabulls personal loan, Dhani app provides you 250 points. And at every billing cycle, you can earn the points. And can redeem the points to cash and make payment from your daily spends using the app. It means payment of a personal loan on the due date helps you earn.

What could be the consequences of nonpayment?

If you aren’t able to pay Indiabulls personal loan it can put you in high debt and it may be impossible for you to borrow a loan afterward. So, if the online payment doesn’t sound good to you then visit your nearest branch and use the post-dated cheque service to pay the loan EMIs. Now meet your finances and let the payment be managed online or offline via the Indiabulls services. 

Using the loan, you can manage a financial crisis, stabilize a medical emergency and do a lot more. So get the loan today from Indiabulls if you are in an urgent need of funds. And without stepping out of your home, you can get the Indiabulls personal loan through the Dhani app.

Now every problem is easy to handle with a loan like Indiabulls personal loan, so let finances no more bother you.


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