How DCB Bank Personal Loan Helps You in Financial Emergencies?

Life is full of surprises and we might need financial help when a medical emergency arises or a debt issue comes, so in such scenarios a DCB Bank Personal Loan will come in handy to you. You just need to apply for the loan online and within a few hours the loan amount will be in your account and you can use it for your needs. And there is no hurry in its repayment, as you can repay the DCB Bank Personal Loan in equated monthly installments. Let’s read this article and know more about it.

What is the DCB Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate?

When we are searching for a loan the first thing we notice is its interest rate. But you don’t have to worry about it while borrowing DCB Bank Personal Loan, as its interest rate ranges from 13.00-25.-00% per annum. Here, you will get an attractive interest rate which remains fixed throughout the tenure.

How DCB Bank Personal Loan Works?

This is a simple product, first, you need to apply for it, and if the DCB Bank confirms your application and considers you eligible, the loan proceeds further. After that you need to submit your proofs such as KYC, salary slips, banak tamanes, etc. And if all the information is confirmed to be true after the verification, the bank will disburse the loan amount. 

What’s the DCB Bank Personal Loan Repayment Schedule?

You must know from the above that the DCB Bank Personal Loan is repaid in monthly installments, so the question is how is your monthly installments decided? And the answer to this question lies in your monthly income. Because as per the EMI to income ratio DCB Bank decides your installments. And if you want it to go your way, you can take help of the DCB Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator.

Using this tool, you can select a suitable tenure for your DCB Bank personal loan as per your preface and affordability. To learn more about it check out the below example.

Example:- Rahul works in an MNC and needs funds for the treatment of her mother who is hospitalized due to an accident. Fortunately Rahul came across to DCB Bank Personal Loan and applied for it. The bank offers him a loan of INR 5 lakh at an interest rate of 14.00% per annum. But now to decide a suitable tenure for his DCB Bank Personal Loan, Rahul uses the DCB Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator and get the result as follows.

Tenure Loan Amount Interest Rate EMI Interest Outgo Total Repayment
1 5,00,000 14.00% 44,894 38,723 5,38,723
2 5,00,000 14.00% 24,006 76,155 5,76,155
3 5,00,000 14.00% 17,089 1,15,197 6,15,197
4 5,00,000 14.00% 13,663 1,55,835 6,55,835
5 5,00,000 14.00% 11,634 1,98,048 6,98,048

So what are you waiting for now, go and get your DCB Bank personal loan and meet all your financial needs in just few hours.