How can HDFC Personal Loan EMI Calculator Help You?

HDFC personal Loan EMI Calculator is a tool developed by HDFC Bank to help its potential personal loan customers to gain clarity over the monthly amount they’ll have to pay based on their loan requirements. This calculator can help you in multiple ways. Let’s check out some them:  

Helps you take Informed Decisions: HDFC Bank personal loan EMI calculator helps you get a vivid understanding about the personal loan you are going to take. It tells you about how much outflow of cash will happen from your net monthly income so that you can manage your lifestyle accordingly. Generally, EMIs subsume 20-30% of your monthly income and leave you with only 70% to live your life. So, the personal loan EMI calculator is good in terms of planning and management.

Transparency: HDFC personal loan EMI calculator draws a clear bifurcation of interest rates, monthly installments, tenure and principal amount left to pay. You will know how much interest rate you’ll be paying exactly. This helps you gain transparency and clarity.

Very Easy to Handle: It doesn’t involve any rocket science. It is very simple to especially designed for the  usage of common man. You just have to deal with a couple of variables and you’re all set.

How can One use HDFC Personal Loan Loan EMI Calculator?

As the name suggests, it’s a calculator. Obviously, it’s job is to make things easy. So, definitely, it is super easy and convenient to use HDFC personal loan EMI Calculator. One has got to just feed in three details, and boom, the results will be in front of your screen in a blink of an eye. These three details are – applicable interest rate, desire loan tenure and the loan amount you want. That’s it! Rest will be taken care of by the algorithm of the persoanl loan EMI calculator by HDFC Bank.  

What are the factors that affect the HDFC Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate?

Loan amount: If you desire a higher loan amount for constructing or purchasing your house, your EMIs are going to be high. There is a direct correlation between these two variables. Personal loan amount offered by HDFC ranges between INR 50,000 to INR 30 lakh. Say, if your personal loan amount is closer to INR 50,000, your EMIs will be less in comparison to the opposite way around. 

Rate of Interest: HDFC Bank personal loan interest rate is between 10.75% per annum onwards. The rate of interest rate you get determines whether your EMIs are going to be high or low. Higher the interest rate bagged by you, the higher is the EMI. In order to pay low EMIs, make sure to get the lowest rate possible. You can do the same by keeping a good credit score.

Repayment Tenure: This is basically the time period under which you’re obligated to pay the loan. Longer repayment tenure, lower is the equated monthly installment for you. This translates into a lower HDFCpersonalloan interest rate. However, you end up paying more interest, if you take the loan for a longer tenure. HDFC is known to give away personal for long tenure periods,.


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