DCB Bank Personal Loan – Affordable EMIs & Easy Approvals

Financial emergencies are unexpected and they can exhaust all your savings, and no one wants that. So, in such a financial crisis, you should borrow DCB bank personal loans. It is an affordable and smart way to tackle financial needs. For instance, there is a medical contingency, and you need money for the operation, apply for a DCB bank personal loan and get the required funds transferred to your bank account instantly. And you can pay the borrowed loan amount in equated monthly installments. Go through this article below and learn more about the features and benefits of DCB bank personal loans.

  • You’ll Get Attractive Interest Rate On Your DCB Bank Personal Loan

When you apply for a personal loan at DCB Bank, they will estimate your credibility for the loan amount and accordingly charge an interest rate. The DCB bank personal loan interest rate ranges from 13.00-25.00 per annum. And the borrower needs to pay this applicable interest rate in equal monthly installments (EMIs) along with the borrowed loan amount. Your DCB bank personal loan interest rate will be based on the following factors –

  • Income – To know whether the borrower is eligible to repay the loan. Because a regular flow of income builds a trust of regular repayment,
  • Current obligations – Shows the borrower current liabilities and lets the lender know whether the borrower can handle a new loan or not.
  • Credit score – Using the credit score the lender estimates whether the borrower will pay the loan timely. Because if he/she has a poor credit score, there is a high risk associated with the borrower.
  • DCB Bank Offer Easy Repayment Facility

You can repay your borrowed loan in EMIs for up to 5 years. In your repayment planning, you could take the help of the DCB bank personal loan EMI calculator. This is an online tool accessible to all the borrowers through which they can find out the approximate EMI amount they are going to pay for the loan. So let’s see how this DCB bank personal loan EMI calculator works.

Suppose you apply for a loan amount of INR 5 Lakh and DCB Bank charges an interest of 13.25% per annum on it. Now, find the approximate EMI amount of your DCB bank personal loan by using the EMI calculator. Check out this table below and know the EMIs or total interest amount that you will be paying at different tenure.

Tenure (In Years) Loan Amount (In INR) Interest Rate EMI Amount (In INR) Total Payable Interest Amount (In INR)
1 5,00,000 13.25% 44,717 36,608
2 5,00,000 13.25% 23,830 71,912
3 5,00,000 13.25% 16,907 1,08,661
4 5,00,000 13.25% 13,476 1,46,842
5 5,00,000 13.25% 11,441 1,86,438
  • One Time Processing Fee On Your DCB Bank Personal Loan

2% of the approved loan amount will be reduced from your disbursed loan as the DCB Bank deducts the processing charge for the personal loan. There are no hidden charges on the DCB bank personal loan, so you don’t need to worry about it. And the processing fee will also be paid from your disbursed loan amount, which means you only have to pay the EMIs as on their scheduled due date.