Why Mirae Asset Mutual Fund NAV is Concern For Investment?

The Asset Management Companies (AMCs) set a per-unit value of the fund that keeps on changing with the market rates. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is a renowned AMC and has been serving its investors with good returns. And to accumulate good returns from the investment NAV matters. Read the given article to know about the Mirae Asset Mutual fund NAV of the top schemes and its effect on returns.

Relation of NAV with my investments!

If you are a new investor and don’t know much about a mutual fund, then you must know about its NAV. Because the net asset value of a fund enables you to know how the market fluctuates and its effect on your fund. For example, if your scheme NAV is INR 48.90 at the time of investment and increases up to INR 67.56 during the maturity period it helps you yield better returns.

It simply means if you have purchased a fund with a lower value at a higher quantity and its NAV increase with time, then you can earn returns equal to a high NAV scheme. Some of the best schemes for wealth creation in Mirae Asset Mutual fund are Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund and Mirae Asset Short Term Fund. And according to the data of Value Research as of 9 th march, 2020 the Mirae Asset Mutual Fund NAV of the scheme is INR 16.7730 and INR 11.6440.

Is Mirae Asset Mutual Fund SIP online service is what helps you get better returns?

Yes, the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) helps the investor get better returns from their investment. But how? You can choose a suitable time for your investment such as a week, month, quarter or year whichever period you think can help you yield better return. As mutual funds are dependent on the market risks, and your assets are allocated on a company stock or security. So with the help of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund SIP online investment, you can get better returns based on your fund performance.

And to get the record of your fund status, subscribe to the online account statement using the Mirae Asset services. That sends you a PDF encrypted file of your fund report for the date you have selected it. So, SIP makes your returns in your control and gives you more power over your investment. 

How to make the right decision of investment? 

There is not the right time for the investment. It must sound tricky to you when the word risk is attached to mutual funds. But, according to financial advisors, the right way to create wealth from a small investment is surely mutual funds. And, as you know that all the FD and PPF account interests are decreasing and the hope of creating regular income is at risk. Then at that time a little bit of risk can change your future investments and help you earn better returns at market risks. So, invest in the Mirae Asset Mutual fund schemes by taking advice from your financial advisor or marketplace, which suggests you the right products. And opt for the right scheme by knowing its Mirae Asset Mutual Fund NAV history and performance.