Why HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes are the Best Option for you to Invest in?

Our generation has come a long way from a time when individuals used to focus more on the traditional method of savings. Nowadays, people are more attracted towards investing. There are many reasons behind this gradual shift in their behavior but the one which stands apart is the convenience of choosing the investment which can suit well with their investment goals. Like if someone wants to save money for his child’s education by a definite year, then he has the option to invest in a scheme that can give him the required amount at that end of the period. Since the government is also making continuous efforts to make investment popular among laymen. 

Backed by the encouragement by the government, there are several asset management companies that are providing an array of mutual fund schemes for individuals to invest in according to their financial goals. Among all of them, one of the largest and most profitable mutual fund houses is the HDFC Mutual Fund House. Initiated in the year 1999 and having a total of $3.7 trillion worth of assets under management, HDFC Mutual fund schemes give you the option to achieve your financial goals. So if you want to know about the types of HDFC mutual fund schemes in detail, then this article would be perfect for you. So without any further delay, let’s start. 

What are the various types of HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes?

HDFC Equity Mutual Fund: An equity fund is known to give an investor a lucrative return at the end of the investment period by investing a large share of its assets in equity and equity instruments of different companies. The thing which you must remember that an equity fund usually has a moderate to the high degree of risk percentage so it would be better to check your risk appetite before investing any of the HDFC mutual fund schemes. Some of the top HDFC equity funds are HDFC Top 100 Fund, HDFC Equity Fund, HDFC Focused 30 fund. 

HDFC Debt Mutual Fund: A debt mutual fund works well for that kind of investors who want to achieve a steady and regular income over their investment period with a comparatively low to moderate risk percentage attached to them. A debt fund generally invests in bonds and corporate debentures of different companies of different companies and fits with individuals who have a generally low-risk appetite. Some of the top HDFC debt mutual fund schemes are HDFC Banking and PSU Debt Fund, HDFC Corporate Bond Fund, HDFC Income Fund, HDFC short Term fund. 

HDFC Hybrid Mutual Fund: A mix of both equity and debt mutual fund schemes, the hybrid mutual fund invests in two or more than two assets at a time to generate both capital appreciation and regular returns over the investment period. The asset allocation ratio can vary from one fund to another fund. Some of the top HDFC hybrid mutual funds are HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund, HDFC Hybrid Debt fund, HDFC Multi-Asset Fund. 

How can you get your HDFC Mutual Fund Account Statment?

In order to get your HDFC mutual fund statement online, you will have to go to the official website of HDFC mutual fund. By logging on to your account with your registered email id and password, you can get your hands on the account statement of your mutual fund. You can check your account statement to see all the transactions related to the HDFC mutual fund schemes.


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