Why Does The HDFC Top 100 Fund Invest Most of It In Equity?

HDFC Top 100 Mutual Fund is one of the best performing schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund. And it primarily invests in equity instruments. The reason for the equity investment of HDFC Top 100 fund is to yield better returns at market risks. It allocates the asset mainly to banking, IT, energy and construction companies stocks. Read on to know about the detailed features of the mutual fund.

NAV and other investment details of HDFC Top 100 Fund!

Net Asset Value (NAV) of the HDFC Top 100 mutual fund is INR 328.25 and the scheme per unit value of the fund changes along with the market rates. You need to make sure that you check all the important details of the fund before starting an investment. Because the market is volatile and it has direct effects on your returns. So, to avoid the inflation rate to your returns the scheme balances the investment by investing a small amount of assets in cash and fixed income security.

The HDFC Top 100 fund will be useful for those and easy to understand for the investors who have previously invested in the stock market and have enough knowledge of it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest in HDFC Top 100 Fund, you could take help from your financial advisor in the beginning. 

How to invest in HDFC Top 100?

To invest in the scheme, you can opt for the two different methods and they are mentioned below. Have a look at the mutual fund investment methods to start investment with the HDFC Mutual fund

Lump-Sum: You can invest in the HDFC Top 100 fund online by investing a one time amount. For a lump-sum, you need to invest a minimum of INR 5,000. The amount of investment can be high or low based on your goal. 

SIP: Take a mutual fund journey with a Systematic Investment Plan, using which you can start investment with INR 500. Choose a suitable day and date and invest weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

After knowing of the investment methods, you must want to find their benefits on HDFC Top 100 Fund. So below are the pointers that explain the detailed features of the mutual fund investment.

  • Lump-sum for a long term plan and market rate benefits.
  • SIP for the management of the volatile returns as per the market rates
  • Returns as per your expectations in HDFC Top 100 Fund
Start investment to get advantage of HDFC Top100!

You can plan your retirement and start an investment to get never seen before returns from mutual funds. And save tax on your yearly returns if they don’t exceed INR 1 lakh or more. Otherwise, a 10% tax is payable on your investment on HDFC Top 100 Fund. No tax would be levied to your fund unless you hold the units of the fund. And for exit in 1 year you have to pay a 1% exit load.

To have the benefits of high returns, you need to invest for a long-term plan because the market rates are flexible. Or before exit make sure you invest for a minimum of a year, because after that there is no exit load charged to your investment. Start an investment on your own terms with HDFC Top 100 fund and get the best returns.


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