Why are Axis Mutual Fund Schemes One of The Best Mutual Fund Schemes in The Market?

Having more than 20 lakh investors account and over 50 types of mutual fund schemes, Axis Mutual Fund schemes is one of the best mutual funds in the current market. Having a presence over 50 cities across India, Axis Mutual Fund management house has been managing the money of its investors since October 2009 and has been growing rapidly. It doesn’t matter what your risk appetite or what your financial goals, there is a wide range of Axis Mutual Fund schemes at your disposal to choose from.

In this article, we will be telling you about the various types of funds to make your future bright and prosperous, how to check the Axis Mutual fund statement online, and many other things about it in detail. So without any further delay, let’s delve deep into the various mutual fund schemes provided by Axis Asset Management Company.

What are the various Axis Mutual Fund Schemes provided by Axis AMC?

There are mainly three types of Axis Mutual Fund schemes that you can have a look at mentioned below.

Axis Equity Fund Schemes:  This is the first type of Axis Mutual Fund schemes. The aim of any equity fund is to appreciate the investement over a period with a moderate to the high percentage of risk. An equity fund primarily invests in equity and equity instruments of different companies. By investing in Axis equity fund schemes, you can minimize the risk as it invests in different categories which makes the overall risk percentage low. You can invest in any of the Axis Mutual Fund schemes via lumpsum or SIP (Systematic Investment Planning). 

The few top-performing Axis Equity fund schemes are Axis Long Term Equity Fund, Axis Focused 25 Fund, Axis Bluechip Fund, Axis Multicap Fund, etc.

Axis Debt Fund Schemes: If you want to get a stable and regular income over a period with having the lower risk appetite. Axis Debt mutual fund schemes primarily invest in securities issued by the government and companies. You can invest in Debt mutual fund schemes for a short investment horizon ranging from 3 months to 3 years to achieve your short-term goals. Also, this kind of fund offers a high amount of liquidity. In compared to the traditional savings option, an Axis Debt Mutual Fund scheme is a better option to invest. 

Some of the top-performing Axis Debt fund schemes are Axis Liquid Fund, Axis Guilt Fund, Axis Banking & PSU Debt Fund, etc. 

Axis Hybrid Fund Schemes: Axis Hybrid Mutual Fund schemes are that kind of funds that invest in two or more than two asset classes. It’s kind of a balance between returns and risk. These mutual fund schemes are basically are equity-oriented and debt-oriented. This kind of mutual fund scheme gives you the investment diversification portfolio. It mainly depends on your risk appetite. You can invest in these schemes via lumpsum or SIP. 

Some of the best Axis Hybrid Fund schemes are Axis Dynamic Equity Fund, Axis Equity Hybrid Fund, Axis Arbitrage Fund, etc. 

How can you get your Axis Mutual Fund Statement Online?

You can get your mutual fund statement online by visiting the official website of Axis Mutual Fund. You just have to fill a basic few details like your PAN number and select the timeframe. You will get the account statement on your registered email address.