UTI Mutual Fund Schemes With Online Account Statement Service

Mutual funds are the best option when you want to invest your assets/money in share market because it can give you higher returns even at a small-term investment. But choosing the right mutual fund scheme is not an easy task, it needs a lot of time and dedication and there are several asset management companies (AMCs) that provides mutual fund schemes to the investors. One such AMC is UTI Mutual Fund Asset Management Limited that offers different types of mutual fund schemes and every single scheme has its own advantages and risks that’s why with the help of  UTI Mutual Fund Statement Online service you can track the status of your funds. Read the given article to know about UTI Mutual Fund Schemes and its features. 

What type of mutual fund schemes are offered by UTI Mutual Fund Asset Management Ltd?

In UTI mutual fund schemes you’ll find various types of schemes targeting a specific instrument or portfolio it can be equity, debt, money market or hybrid (mix of both equity & debt). Some of the top-performing schemes are mentioned below:

UTI Retirement Benefit Pension Fund: It is a long-term investment and pensioner at the age of 58 years can earn corpus income from their mutual fund investment. This UTI mutual fund scheme is balanced hybrid and invest in equity, debt, money market instruments and equity or equity-related portfolios. From a 5 year long-term investment, you can earn 6.07% returns from this mutual fund scheme.

UTI Children’s Career Fund-Investment Plan: With UTI mutual fund investment you can plan the future of your child as this scheme invests your assets in equity and equity-related securities of large companies. This is also a long term investment and can give you a return of 8.26% on a 5-year investment. 

Profitable investment through UTI Mutual Fund Schemes

When you invest in UTI mutual funds it not only provides you the benefit of returns, but you can earn regular profit through your investment by using the account statement. UTI Mutual Fund Statement Online service is for every investor and you can request for it by visiting its official website. You just have to enter your folio number, email or Pan number anyone one of them and select the statement according to your need. After that you can click on the “email” option so that the account statement will be sent to your registered email address. 

The benefit of the UTI Mutual Fund statement online report is that you can view the current net asset value (NAV) of the fund anytime anywhere by just a click. NAV is the fund per unit cost which fluctuates everyday and the final NAV is decided before the closing of the market. And you can also access your fund last year’s performance to see the growth in your investment. 

You can invest in UTI mutual fund scheme through a financial market place, if you are a new investor or experienced one because taking a risk at mutual funds is not a good idea. The financial advisor will give you the right suggestion on your mutual fund scheme and suggest a suitable fund according to your requirement. Otherwise, you can also invest directly by going to the UTI official website.