SBI Mutual Fund Schemes Offer Higher Returns & Easy Investments

Do you want higher returns on your investments then invest in SBI mutual fund schemes. The SBI invest your assets in equity, debt, money market and several other instruments to gain higher profit. It offers you hassle-free mutual fund services by providing you an option of “account statement using which you can know your fund performance.  Read this article if you are looking for the right mutual fund investment scheme.  

Details of the SBI mutual fund schemes

Investors can invest their money in SBI mutual funds to gain higher returns on their investments and also use the SBI Mutual Fund Statement Online service. By using which you can track the performance of your mutual fund according to your requirement. And it is also easy to access from anywhere as it is sent to your email address encrypted in the form of pdf file. 

Some of the best performing SBI mutual fund schemes

SBI Bluechip Fund: When you invest in this scheme you can get a long-term capital growth. Because the scheme invests your assets in an actively managed portfolio and a diversified basket of large-cap equity stocks. You can earn a 14.81% return from this SBI mutual fund scheme whose NAV is INR 40.31. 

SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund: It invests 65 to 85 percent of your assets in equity and its derivatives and the rest in debt and money market instruments. Also, time to time invest in stocks and offset its investment simultaneously by investing in equity derivatives. The scheme NAV is INR 24.93 and will provide you a one year return of 6.28%. 

By the above mentioned SBI mutual fund schemes, you can determine the type of schemes SBI providing to you. When you invest in a mutual fund financing company like SBI then you can get a number of benefits along with high returns on your investments. 

Invest in SBI Mutual Fund schemes to experience its investor friendly services

The SBI provides you easy access to its wide range of mutual fund schemes and you can also use its services and tools for a better understanding. You can easily find a suitable SBI mutual fund scheme by visiting the official website or going to your nearby SBI bank branch. Otherwise, you can take the help of a financial advisor and subscribe for a suitable mutual fund scheme. Also, you can use the SIP calculator, STP calculator and Top-up SIP calculator to plan your mutual fund. It also provides you an option of SBI Mutual Fund Statement Online service, using which you can request for an online fund account statement on your registered email address. You just need to enter the folio number and the period for which you want the statement. After that, you can have access to your invested SBI mutual fund scheme and view the growth and current NAV of the fund. 

So, you can invest your valuable money in SBI mutual funds which offer you different types of equity, debt, hybrid, multi-asset, arbitrary and other mutual fund schemes.