SBI Bluechip Fund Scheme Is a Long Term Plan Of Growth!

You can start an investment with SBI Mutual Fund, and can get the returns you want. The special thing about the mutual fund investment is its unexpected returns. It can be in your favor sometimes and also get reduced depending on the market rates and fund performance. And one of the best schemes for a long term investment is the SBI Bluechip Fund, it invests 80% of your assets in large-company stocks. To avail their benefits you need to follow a simple method of investment plan, read the article and know about it. 

How do I start an investment in SBI Bluechip Fund?

To start investing in the scheme you need to first choose the type of investment that is suitable for your requirements. Suppose, if you have a plan to set up an investment for yearly ends then lumpsum is the choice for you. To start a lump sum investment you need to invest a minimum of INR 5,000. The return which you will earn from the SBI Bluechip fund is credited at the end of the year. And if you are new to investment planning, then a systematic Investment Plan would suit you the best. 

A SIP is the preferred method for SBI Bluechip Fund, because with that you can trace the fund performance and their effect on returns. Along with the market rates the scheme net asset value changes. The NAV of the scheme depends on the market rates as the market goes high your fund value increases. Currently, SBI Bluechip Fund NAV is INR 28.69 according to the data of Value Research of 1st April 2020.

Do I need help in the SBI mutual fund?

It is not necessarily required to have help but if it is difficult for you to understand the market rates and the investment complications, then a financial advisor will help you with that. You can ask your financial advisor or contact one. SBI mutual fund also helps you in finding the best scheme as per your needs. Just visit the official website of SBI mutual fund and select SBI Bluechip fund and for assistance, you can provide your name, email or mobile number.

Once you get in touch with the expert or advisor, you can ask any queries related to the scheme and their benefits based on your goal of investment. So, invest in a scheme that can change your money growth. 

Advantage of SBI Bluechip fund!

Using the SBI mutual fund scheme, you can create long term capital growth with the equity instruments. And to balance out the market rates with 20% of the assets allocated in debt or money market funds. It means at a moderate level of risk you can achieve your financial plan with an investment of 5 years or more. You need to be sure of the investment before starting it because for an exit within 12 months from the allocation the AMC charges 1% exit load. And if the exit is made after 12 months you are not liable for any exit load on your invested fund. 

Now make a bright future ahead for yourself with the SBI Bluechip fund and start a journey or growth.