Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Statement Online Report To Estimate Your Fund Performance

A well known Asset Management Company (AMC) Mirae Asset Global Investments provides you mutual fund (MF) schemes that offer higher return rates on your investments. It not only provides you the best MF scheme, but you can also get the Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Statement Online report on your registered email address. To know about the mutual fund online statement services and benefits of the report read the given article.

What is an Online mutual fund statement?

There are several AMCs in the market which provide you the online statement services by which you can access your fund performance. As such services are also provided for the mirae asset MF investors with the help of which you can easily access your Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Statement Online report. The online statement is delivered to your registered email address, you can follow the below mentioned steps to apply for the fund online statement. 

  • Go to the Mirae Asset mutual fund official website and click on the “Register” option
  • After that you’ll be directed to a page where you can find the “Request For Account Statement” option on the sidebar click on it
  • Then you have to select the time period of your Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Statement Online report such as  previous year, current year or enter a specific date range
  • After that enter your folio number and type the mentioned captcha code and click on the submit button.

You will get regular online statements of your Mirae asset mutual fund after completing the registration process. 

Benefits of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Statement Online services

Mirae Asset Global Investments provides you the statement online services to give you a combined view of your mutual fund performance. It gives you the transaction and investment history of your invested mutual fund which helps in determining your profit from the fund. As you know Mirae Asset Mutual funds invest in varied instruments like debt, equity, equity-oriented, etc. to provide you higher returns on your investment some top-performing Mirae asset funds are mirae asset savings fund, Mirae asset tax saver fund and Mirae asset dynamic bond fund. And to track the fund performance it will send you the online reports on your registered email address. 

So, invest in Mirae asset mutual funds to enjoy the benefit of higher returns and track your fund performance with Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Statement Online services. You can simply invest in the mutual fund by Using systematic investment planning (SIP) this helps in investing a fixed amount on your desired mutual fund for regular profits. Choose a desirable Mirae asset mutual fund scheme according to your risk level and investment experience, if you are not a new investor and have enough knowledge of mutual fund investments. Otherwise, you can take the help of a financial advisor to invest in a suitable Mirae asset mutual fund scheme. All in all, you can understand the statistics of your fund performance with the help of online statement services of the Mirae Asset Global Investments.


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