Mirae Asset Mutual Fund NAV Updated Report

Mirae Asset Global Investments is a well known Asset Management Company (AMC) which offers you a variety of mutual fund schemes. Whether you are a new investor or an experienced one, Mirae asset provides you mutual fund schemes according to your risk level and profit management. You can also check the Mirae Asset Mutual Fund NAV to determine the fund performance and value in the market. Read this article given below to know more about the Mirae Asset mutual fund.

Revised NAV of the Mirae asset mutual funds

The net asset value of the mutual funds which is also known as NAV is the fund per unit value, it is determined by dividing the total net asset value with the issued units and subtracting the liabilities. Let’s have a look at the Mirae asset mutual fund NAV of the top-performing schemes is as follows.

Mirae Asset Savings Fund: It is an open-ended debt-oriented scheme that invests in money market instruments with Macaulay duration with a portfolio of 6 to 12 months. The current NAV of the scheme is INR 1,649 that offers you a 1-year return of 6.88%.

Mirae Asset Dynamic Bond Fund: Mirae asset mutual fund Nav of this scheme is Rs. 11.86, It provides you an optimal returns 1-year return of the scheme is 13.41%. The scheme generates profit through an actively managed portfolio of debt & money market instruments. 

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund: You can earn a long term capital appreciation by investing in this scheme which invests in predominantly equity and equity-related instruments. Mirae asset mutual fund NAV of the scheme is INR 17.62 with a 1-year return of  9.58%. 

Invest in Mirae asset mutual funds for a profitable investment

By knowing about the Mirae asset mutual fund NAV of the schemes, you must be aware of the importance of NAV. Mirae Asset Investments offers you a wide range of mutual fund schemes so that you can invest in a profitable investment. Choose a suitable mutual fund scheme by making enough research about it and calculate the Mirae Asset Mutual Fund NAV of the scheme. If you are a new investor and don’t know about the investment statistics then you should take advice from a financial advisor for a successful investment. Mirae asset mutual fund schemes is the perfect choice for your mutual fund investment, it invest your assets in different instruments like debt, equity, hybrid, etc. 

It provides you convenient services by which you can easily invest in mutual funds through SIP. Using systematic investment planning (SIP) you can invest a fixed amount regularly or systematically according to your suitability. You also get the benefit of easy online transactions of your funds when you invest in Mirae asset mutual fund schemes. So, you can invest in Mirae asset mutual funds that provide you several benefits along with higher returns on your mutual fund investments. You can invest in mutual funds by taking the help of a financial organization or solely by yourself. 


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