How UTI Mutual Fund Schemes Help You in Achieving Your Financial Goals?

You must have been listening to many things about Mutual Fund around yourself. Nowadays, our government has been encouraging people to invest in mutual funds. And there are a number of mutual fund asset management companies working in India. UTI Asset Management Company (AMC) Limited is one of the prominent AMCs functioning in India. It has been managing the money of various investors since 1964 and the current number of investors count to 1 crore currently. 

There are a number of UTI mutual fund schemes that you can invest according to your investement goal, risk appetite, and time horizon because these are the three most important things that you keep in mind before investing. There are mainly four kinds of UTI Mutual Fund Schemes which are equity, debt, hybrid, and tax-planning schemes. In this article, we will be telling you about all kinds of schemes offered by UTI AMC so that you can choose the right one for you. Also, we will be telling you how you can get your UTI mutual fund statement online. So without any further delay, read on!

What are the various kind of UTI Mutual Fund Schemes that you can invest in?

As we told before, there are mainly three kinds of UTI Mutual fund schemes available. You can have a look at them. 

UTI Equity Fund: This is one of the UTI mutual fund schemes that can make your capital appreciation over a period of time. The only thing that you need to remember that an equity fund has a medium to a high degree of risk percentage. An equity fund primarily invests in equity and equity instruments of different companies. UTI AMC has a total of 15 Equity fund from which you can choose the suitable one for you. Some of them are Master share Fund, Midcap, MNC, Healthcare Fund, etc. 

UTI Debt Fund: A UTI Debt fund invests in stocks of different companies so that you can get a stable and regular income over your investment horizon. This fund is perfect for those who have a lower risk appetite and want to have a stable flow of income with the least returns. Currently, UTI AMC has been offering a total of 7 types of debt funds. Some of them are Gilt Fund, Medium Term Fund, Liquid Cash Fund, Overnight Fund, etc. You can choose the one according to your investment horizon.

UTI Hybrid Fund: A UTI hybrid fund is perfect for those who want to enjoy both capital appreciation and stable returns as this type of funds invest in more than two classes such as stocks, shares, gold or even in cash. A budding, as well as a seasoned investor, can make an investment in these type of funds. UTI AMC has been offering a total of 3 hybrid funds which are arbitrage, hybrid equity, and Multi-asset fund. 

How can you get your UTI Mutual Fund Statement Online?

Your MF account statement will consist of investor information like the name of all holders, mobile number, Email id, and a few transaction details. To access your UTI mutual fund statement online, you can go to the official website of UTI Mutual Fund or you can get this on your registered email address. It is important to keep checking your account statement regularly so that you can correct any kind of mistake.


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