Do SBI Mutual Fund SIP To Get Reasonable Returns

With a mutual fund investment, you can plan your goals for the future by investing a small amount. SBI Mutual Fund is an asset management company that allocates your invested amount in different instruments depending on the type of scheme. Before you invest in the mutual fund scheme check its NAV, the net asset value of the fund. And, to know the benefit of SBI mutual fund SIP investment read the given article.

Invest through SBI mutual fund SIP

When you invest using the Systematic Investment Plan method of SBI a fixed amount would be invested in your desired mutual fund scheme on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can start SBI mutual fund SIP with a minimum INR 500 investment. But before doing an SIP choose a suitable scheme from SBI Mutual Fund. The AMC provides a wide range of equity, debt, ELSS and tax-saving schemes. Some of the schemes are mentioned below with their current NAV. 

SBI Bluechip Fund: The scheme generates long term capital growth by investing the assets in large-cap stocks through an actively managed portfolio. SBI mutual fund NAV of the scheme is INR 41.58 and it invest 80% of the asset in large-cap stocks and the rest 20% in equity other than debt or money market instruments. 

SBI Debt Hybrid Fund: To provide higher returns to the investor the scheme invests in equity, debt and money market instruments. It gives moderate risk to your mutual fund investment and offer better returns SBI mutual fund NAV of the scheme is INR 41.23. 

SBI Magnum Taxgain Scheme: This mutual fund scheme provides the benefit of tax saving to the investor by investing 80% of assets in equity instruments. It is an equity-linked saving scheme that takes advantage of ITA section 80 C to provide a tax benefit to the investor. By investing in this scheme you can save tax up to INR 46,800. NAV of the scheme is INR 143.06. 

Advantage of doing SBI mutual fund SIP

You can invest in any of the SBI mutual fund schemes through SIP by choosing a suitable investment period. According to the financial advisor, a long term investment benefits more to the investors in comparison to a short-duration investment. Because the market rates change on a daily basis so the SBI mutual fund NAV also fluctuates depending on the market rates. So, if you invest in the scheme for a long duration then you can track fund growth using the account statement. Also, you can use SBI mutual fund SIP calculator to know set the targeted goal you wanted to achieve by choosing a suitable investment period. 

Now, plan your investments with SBI mutual fund and make your dreams come true with its best services and better schemes. Use online tools like SIP calculator and it’s services like account statement online services to make your investment process easier. If you want to invest in mutual fund then do the SBI mutual fund SIP for better returns and achievable goals. 

Note: The NAV of SBI mutual fund schemes is derived from the data of Value Research as of 26, December 2019.