Can HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund Get You Better Returns On 5-Year SIP?

Mutual funds on no second thought is an investment that lasts long. Because every investment at some point loses the return, but Mutual Funds are one such product whose value is based on the market rates. And HDFC offers you a mutual fund scheme with which you can take advantage of the market fluctuations, it is HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund read and know about the scheme.

Invest using SIP on HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund!

You can start an investment from INR 5,000 in the scheme for getting better returns during the period. The scheme allocates investors asset equity, debt, and other money market instruments. Primary markets in which HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund invests are bank, finance, software and refineries sectors. With the equity investment of 70% of your asset, it earns high returns at market rates. And if the market affects our returns adversely, then to balance out the outcome it has a backup investment of the rest 30% in debt instruments such as bonds and fixed income securities.

Using the Systematic Investment Plan, you can get better returns for a long term investment. Because the market is volatile and changes in it affect your returns directly. So a SIP is the right way by which you can invest in the HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund.

Weekly, monthly and yearly investment with SIP!

The SIP can be done online only, you don’t have to visit any bank branch or need to do something else. You can ask your financial advisor or take advice for your SIP in HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund from a financial marketplace. The investor has another alternative which is the returns calculator with which, you can know the effect of investment on your set returns. And, in HDFC mutual fund SIP, the advantage is that you can invest in a week, month, quarter or year.

You can keep intact to your scheme through the online account statement. In the statement, you can find the amount you have invested and the performance of the fund from the date of investment and changes in its NAV. So, if you are worried about our investment amount then use the account statement. And to access the online version of your HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund account statement, you can request for it by going to the AMC site. Just select the date for which you need the account statement on your registered email. 

Make a transaction with an exit load of 1%!

The lowest exit load on your mutual fund transaction is charged by HDFC Mutual Fund. And you can make the transaction of your fund online directly to your account. With the HDFC Hybrid Fund, you can generate long term capital growth at a moderate level of risk with the help of the balanced fund scheme. So get your future secure with the investment in HDFC Hybrid scheme and get the best returns on your small investment for a long period up to 5 years. The scheme expenses ratio is 1.79% and it includes the fund manager fees and other charges of your investment.