What Benefits Does Indiabulls Personal Loan Interest Rates Provide?

Interest rates are the major factor which affects your loan repayment. And when you are borrowing an unsecured loan such as a personal loan, the interest rate matters the most. Because a high interest rate can make it difficult for you to repay the borrowed amount. That is why today, here in this article you will know the features of the Indiabulls personal loan interest rates. So read on!

Details of the Indiabulls Personal Loan

Before proceeding toward the interest rate, first let us take a look at some important details of the Indiabulls personal loan. Check out this table below:-

Particulars  Details
Loan Amount (in INR) 3,000 to 15,00,000
Tenure (in Months) 3 to 36
Processing Fee Up to 5% of your loan amount
Interest Rate (per annum) 13.99% onwards

What are the Points to Remember?

To get the lowest personal loan interest rate, you need to keep the following factors in mind as mentioned below:-

  • Check Your Income Eligibility:- To borrow Indiabulls personal loan, you need to have a high inceo. It not only will make your profile strong for a high loan amount but also you can get an attractive Indiabulls personal loan interest rates.
  • Check Your Credit Score:- You can also negotiate with the lender for interest rates in terms of credit score. And to do so you need to have a score of 750 or above, as it is considered to be an ideal credit score.
  • Check Your Work-Experience:- It might be the reason your indiabulls personal loan interest rates are low because of your work-experience. Because the higher the experience the borrower has more stability of job to provide the lender.

Use Indiabulls EMI Calculator

There is also another way by which you can manage the Indiabulls personal loan interest rates, and it is by using the EMI tool. Check out the example below to understand it better.

Suppose you have borrowed Indiabulls Personal Loan of INR 7 lakh and the interest rate is 15.00% per annum. You need a tenure where the EMI is stable and interest payment is less. The tenure ranges from 12 to 36 months and Indiabulls personal loan EMI calculator generates the following result for it.

Loan Amount  Interest Rate Tenure EMI  Interest Outgo Total Payment
7,00,000 15.00% 1 63,181 58,170 7,58,170
7,00,000 15.00% 2 33,941 1,14,576 8,14,576
7,00,000 15.00% 3 24,266 1,73,566 8,73,566

Interest and Principal outgo in 36 months 

Loan Amount Tenure Interest Rate Interest Payment Principal Payment
7,00,000 12 15.00% 91,651 1,99,537
7,00,000 24 15.00% 59,574 2,31,614
7,00,000 36 15.00% 22,341 2,69,147
Apply for Indiabulls Personal Loan Using Dhani App!

So, now you know the tactic of getting the suitable Indiabulls personal loan interest rates, apply for the loan online by downloading the Dhani app from Google Play store or Apple store from your android or smartphone. The application procedure is easy; the borrower just has to submit the few PAN details.