Attractive United Bank of India Personal Loan Interest Rate For Pensioners

United Bank Of India provides personal loans to the customers so that they can satisfy their urgent needs. The loan is not only given to salaried or self-employed but also the pensioners, who can get the same at an attractive United Bank of India personal loan interest rate. Plus, Pensioners can borrow a loan amount up to INR 10 lakh. You can know more about the personal loan for pensioners in this article. 

Criteria on which pensioners can avail a personal loan from United Bank of India

To get a personal loan from the United Bank Of India, your minimum age must be up to the retirement age or 65 years. You can get a loan if you are a central or state government employee, whether working in defense or reputed company or educational institute. The customer can pay the borrowed loan amount in equated monthly loan installment (EMI) with flexible loan repayment tenure of 36 to 48 months. To know the total United Bank of India Personal Loan interest rate you can use the EMI calculator device.

Use United Bank of India Personal Loan EMI calculator to manage loan payments

For the user convenience, United Bank of India has provided an EMI calculator using which you can determine your monthly loan installment. You just have to insert the loan details inside United Bank Of India personal loan EMI calculator like Principal amount (P), interest rate(R) and loan tenure(N). Because it generates the loan installments using the formula [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]. 

To understand the working of EMI calculator suppose if you took a personal loan of INR 5 lakh for 3 years at an interest rate of 13.75%. Then your EMI would be INR 10,173 with a total payable United Bank Of India personal loan interest rate of NIR 66,990. So, you can use the calculator to plan a suitable payment for your loan EMIs.

Lower United Bank of India Personal Loan interest rate for pensioner

The bank provides a lower interest rate to the pensioner which is MCLR + 4.65% that is a total of 13.10%. United Bank Of India current is 8.45% for 1 year and revised yearly or annually. So, if pensioners are looking for a personal loan then apply from United Bank Of India. Visit nearby bank branch or apply for a personal loan through online banking service. You have to pay a processing fee for your personal loan which is 1.18% of the borrowed loan amount. Submit documents to the bank like Id proof, income documents and address proof along with bank statement of the credited pension amount to the applicant bank account. And, pay for your loan amount through Electronic Clearing System (ECS), post-dated cheques (PDCs) or auto-debit method. Now, you can borrow your desired loan amount from the United Bank Of India to fulfill your personal needs by applying for a personal loan whether you are at the pension.