Reliance Home Finance Home Loan Services To Purchase A Property Or House

When you need a financer for your home loan and unable to find the right financer, at that time you can apply for a home loan from a trusted housing finance company, Reliance Home Finance Limited. It provides you a variety of home loan schemes depending on your loan eligibility with an attractive starting interest rate of 8.75 %. Reliance Home Finance home loans support up to 80% of your property value. To know about the Reliance home loan services and its benefits or features read the given article.

Get Maximum Loan Disbursal amount with Reliance home loans

Now purchasing the property or house is no longer complicated with Reliance Home Finance home loan service, which offers you a maximum loan amount up to 5 crore. Reliance Home Finance Ltd. provides you a large lump sum amount for your house purchase only if you are eligible for the loan and depending on your property value. This is because a property or a house on a good locality provides security to your mortgage property or house. Suppose, if you are unable to make payments of your Reliance home loan at that time finance company can sell your property or house to recover the home loan amount. 

Your loan amount is disbursed fully or partially according to your requirements, such as if your house is under-construction then it is helpful in getting the loan amount on a fixed date of every month. Otherwise, you will instantly receive the loan amount after the completion of Reliance home loan sanction process. 

Reliance Home Finance home loan simple documentation process

You can easily apply for the Reliance home loans whether you are salaried, self-employed professional or non-professional by submitting the below-mentioned documents to Reliance Home Finance Ltd. 

KYC Documents: In this category, you need to submit your Identity Proof, address proof and signature proof for which you are required to provide your Passport, PAN card, Voter’s Identity Card, Aadhar Card, utility bill payments slip of electricity, telephone, etc. 

Income Proof: If you are a salaried individual you are required to provide the latest 3 months salary slip on the other hand, self-employed individuals need to provide the last 2 years’ income tax return report. Also, you have to submit your last 6 months bank statement to Reliance Home Finance Ltd.

Finance Your Home Or Property with Reliance Home loans

So by the above-mentioned details, you must have understood that Reliance Home Finance home loan services are the most suitable for your home loans which provides you a longer repayment duration up to 30 years. With equated monthly installments (EMI), you can easily repay your borrowed principal loan amount easily with auto-debit, electronic clearing system (ECS) and Post-dated cheques (PDCs). Also with a floating rate of interest on your Reliance home loan, you’ll get the benefit of low EMIs by prepaying the outstanding loan amount. Finance your new house and property with Reliance Home finance Ltd. that charges the lowest processing fee which is from 0.5% to 1.5% of your loan amount.