How Piramal Housing Finance Help You Buy a New Home?

You should know that to buy a home in India you must have a financial plan. Don’t worry if you are not planning for it yet because, with the help of the Piramal Housing home loan, you can buy your desired property without any trouble. Piramal Housing Finance is top of the housing finance companies in India that provide home loans to the customers.

There are plentiful benefits of taking a home loan from the Piramal housing finance. You can borrow home loans for several options like purchase of property from developers, fund for under construction and ready made  property, or to purchase a resale property which makes it quite easy to choose the loan amount which is best for you.  Read the article below and know about the primal housing home loan in detail. 

What are features of Piramal Housing Home Loan?

  • You can borrow the loan for various purposes like home purchase, renovation, extension, or repair of the house. So, if you are having any financial problems in meeting your house purchase or constitution, then you don’t need to worry. The Piramal housing home loan is flexible to meet your needs.
  • You  borrow a maximum loan amount up to 90% of the property value. Where the loan amount depends on your repayment capacity, monthly income, property location, credit score, etc.. The remaining 10% you will have to pay in the down payment of the property purchase. 
  • The Piramal Housing Finance interest rate depends on the Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR) which is currently 16.55% per annum. And the Piramal Housing home loan comes at bothe fixed or floating rate of interest. Piramal Housing finance interest rate starts from 9.65% per annum and depends on your income and credit history.  
  • You can pay the borrowed home loan in the period up to 30 years from the date of sanction. To choose the period according to your repayment capacity helps in reducing your interest payment as well. 
  • You can apply for a Piramal Housing home loan either solely or jointly. To choose a co-applicant to decrease your burden you can add a spouse as a co-borrower in your home loan.

Tax Benefits on Piramal Housing Home Loan

The income tax authorities provide certain benefits and exemptions to the borrowers who have taken a housing loan from Piramal Housing Finance. You can avail a tax benefit on your home loan from Piramal Housing Finance under Section 24 and Section 80C of the Income Tax Act (ITA). You can get a deduction up to INR 1.5 lakh on your home loan principal payment under section 80C and INR 2 lakh under section 24(b) on your interest payment from the annual taxable income when you repay the loan amount in time.

Who can borrow the Piramal Housing home Loan?
  • Both Residents of India and Non Resident Indians (NRI)
  • Both Salaried and Self employed 
  • And there are customized schemes for doctors, CAs and other professionals self-employed individuals at Piramal Housing Finance.
  • Proprietorship Firms, Private Limited Companies, Partnership or LLP Companies can also apply for the home loan.


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