Apply For Tata Capital Home Loan To Buy a House Seamlessly

Your long time dream of having an own house is going to come true with Tata Capital home loan. Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited helps you meet your dreams faster with instant lump sum of funds disbursal. You can apply for a Tata Capital home loan if you are buying a plot, house, constructing a property, or renovating your home. The loan can be borrowed by both salaried individuals and self-employed, read the article to know about the Tata Capital home loan features.

High Loan Amount

Tata Capital Housing Ltd. offers you a home loan from INR 2 lakh to INR 10 Crore. The loan amount will depend on the factors such as:

Monthly Income: You should have a minimum monthly income of INR 30,000 if you want to borrow Tata Capital home loan. Using the income information, Tata Capital knows how much you are capable of paying the EMI.

Credit History: Your previous loan and credit card payment may affect your Tata Capital home loan interest rates. If you have default or dues in credit cards or loan EMIs, it would reduce your chances of borrowing a high loan amount.

Current Obligations: Do you have any existing loan? If yes, it may affect your Tata Capital home loan eligibility. As the loan limit of the individual is decided by calculating the current EMI and income. 

Co-borrower Details: To borrow Tata Capital home loan jointly, you need to make sure that the co-applicant has regular income and a good credit history. Because the co-borrower details matter the same as the primary borrower. 

Property Value: Where your house is situated also affects the Tata capital loan. Because if the house is located in a well-connected area the property value is high which provides more security to the loan amount. As the house is mortgaged against the borrowed loan.

Tata Capital Home Loan EMI Calculator

Before you apply for a Tata Capital home loan, use the EMI tool because it can help you manage the payment. Look at the example below to know it better.

Suppose, you have borrowed a Tata Capital home loan of INR 50 lakh for 10 year at an interest rate of 10.00% per annum. Check out the table below to know what will be the EMI and interest outgo for the Tata Capital home loan as per the EMI tool calculations.

Loan Amount Interest Rate Tenure EMI Interest Outgo Total Payment
50,00,000 10.00% 1 66,075 4,86,195 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 2 66,075 4,54,079 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 3 66,075 4,18,599 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 4 66,075 3,79,405 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 5 66,075 3,36,106 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 6 66,075 2,88,273 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 7 66,075 2,35,432 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 8 66,075 1,77,057 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 9 66,075 1,12,570 792904
50,00,000 10.00% 10 66,075 41,330 792904