What’s The Best Way To Get a Credit Card With no Income Proof?

When you will see the current statistics of credit card users, you will get to know that all the people who use credit cards hold two credit cards on average. This shows the humungous popularity of credit cards among Indian users. Credit card is not a petty piece of plastic but it is a gateway to some amazing rewards, exclusive benefits, and special privileges. In today’s time, everyone wants to get their hands on credit cards because of all the features. Ask anyone who has a credit card and he or she will tell you about the benefits of it without taking a breath.

Almost all the lenders in our country give credit card facilities to customers but before asking you some basic criteria. Among all the things lenders ask for, income proof is the most important one to have. If you are among one of those people who are looking for ways to get a credit card with no income proof then don’t worry as we will be telling you about the ways by which you can get it. 

Why Do Lenders ask for Income Proof?

Before knowing about the methods, first, you need to understand why lenders ask for income proof? Well, your income proof gives an idea about your repayment capability and if you would be able to pay your credit card bill dues every month without any delay. Income proof gives the lenders a certain kind of trust in you. This is why income proof tops the list when it is about the important factors to check before giving the credit card. But you don’t need to worry if you don’t have one, becasue, in the next section of this article, you can know the ways to get a credit card with no income proof.

What are the methods to get a credit card with no Income Proof?

You can have a look at some of the useful methods to have a credit card in your wallet without any income proof below.

Add-on Card: Do you know that lenders give add-on cards to all the primary cardholders that you can get? This does not need you to submit any kind of income proof. With the add-on card, you can get all the benefits that you will get on the primary card. This is an excellent way of opting for a credit card with no income proof. 

Secured Credit Card: When we talk about the ways of getting a credit card with no income proof, this is one of the leading methods to get it. A secured credit card is a type of credit card that you can get from any of the leading lenders against a fixed deposit. The amount of fixed deposit will determine the credit limit on your card. Usually, you get 75% to 90% of the credit limit out of your fixed deposit amount.  Due to the fixed deposit, this card is known as a secured card. 

One such option can be taken from the Axis Bank, which is one of the leading banks of India. The card’s name is Axis Insta Easy Credit Card.

Employment Letter: You can also present your employment letter from your employer in case you have recently joined the company and you don’t have any income proof to show. This letter will give you a clear idea of your income proof to the lender. After this, you won’t face any problem in getting a credit card with no income proof.