What Makes Essential Platinum Kotak Credit Card One of The Best Shopping Cards?

Credit Cards have emerged as one of the most useful bank products among the customers. It has made a huge impact on the lives of people be it shopping, travel, or any other thing. When we talk about some of the top credit card providers in the country, Kotak Credit Card is one of the popular ones. Provided by Kotak Mahindra Bank, which is one of the leading private banks in the country, individuals can choose from different options when it comes to choosing the desired credit card such as Cashback, Shopping, High Value, Low Fees, etc. 

Here, in this article, we will talk about the Essentia Platinum Kotak Credit Card that can be the perfect partner for those people who loves shopping. One of the best things about this credit card from Kotak Mahindra Bank is it provides 10% savings on spends made on Departmental and Grocery. But what are those features that make it so popular among customers? Well, here, we will discuss all such features along with eligibility criteria and credit card payment so that you can understand them better. Keep reading to know more about it!

Essentia Platinum Kotak Credit Card Features that You Should Know!

We are showing some of the key features of Essentia Platinum Kotak Credit Card so that you can understand the reason behind its popularity. Have a look below.

  1. One of the key features of this Kotak Credit Card is you can get 10% savings on Departmental and Grocery Stores Spendings. You must be wondering how? Well, on each spending of INR 100, your card will give 10 Savings Points where 1 savings point will be equal to INR 1. 
  2. To get this discount, you will need to make a minimum transaction of INR 1,500 while this transaction can be as much as INR 4,000. 
  3. Do remember that you can save a maximum of INR 500 in a monthly billing cycle. One of the best things about Savings Points is individuals can redeem them against cash, airline tickets, movie tickets, mobile recharge, and Brand Merchandise. 
  4. When you spend on any category other than Departmental & Grocery Spends, you can earn 1 Saving Point on every spending of INR 250 without any limit. 
  5. Kotak Mahindra also provides an add-on card with which you can enjoy all the benefits same as your primary credit card. On this add-on card, you can set the limit according to your convenience.

Milestone Reward on Kotak Credit Card

Your Kotak Credit Card also provides a specific reward to you when you achieve a certain milestone. Want to know more about it? Have a look below!

On spending INR 1,25,000 every 6 months, you will get 6 Free PVR Movie Tickets or 1,200 Reward Points. However, you should remember one thing while spending that you will be able to make Kotak Credit Card Payment on or before the due date otherwise your credit score will impact negatively. 

There are a total of two redemption options from which customers can choose – a maximum of 12 PVR tickets every year or Reward Points will be credited to the next billing cycle 

What is the Joining Fee and Annual Fee on this Kotak Credit Card?

Kotka Mahindra has fixed a joining fee of INR 1,499 for this Essentia Platinum Credit Card, while annual fees can be a maximum of INR 749. Do remember that the add-on credit card fee will be INR 299 per year.

Essentia Platinum Kotak Credit Card Eligibility Conditions

  1. The age of an applicant can be between 21 to 65 years. 
  2. The individual should be a resident of India and must be living in the following cities – Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (including Gurgaon and Noida), and Pune.