Reasons Behind The Popularity of RBL Bank Credit Card Among Customers

This fact is not hidden from anyone that RBL Bank is one of the leading private banks that provide an extensive range of banking services to customers. But what are those special features that make RBL Bank Credit Card so popular and one of the most loving credit cards among customers? When an individual opts for a credit card, he or she wants to get a number of reward points, welcome benefits, cashback offers, and many other special features according to the spending habits. RBL Bank provides a range of credit cards catering to a variety of customers such as Popcorn Credit Card, Preferred Banking World Credit Card, Edition Credit Card, Practo Credit Card, etc. 

But in this article, we will tell you about this RBL Bank Credit Card that comes loaded with offers on Movies, Dining and Cab Rides. Features like Annual Membership of Zomato and Cashback offers on Movies make this RBL Bank Cookies Credit card perfect for you if you like to watch movies and dining outside on weekends. Other than this, you can also get reward points on your every retail spend. So, if you want to know about the features of the RBL Bank Credit Card in detail, this could be a perfect read for you. Keep reading!

Highlights of RBL Bank Cookies Credit Card

This RBL Bank Credit card starts showering gifts on you right from the moment you get the card on your hands. We are showing them in detail below. Have a look!

Welcome Benefits

  • As soon as you pay the joining fee on or before your due date, you will get Amazon Gift Card Voucher worth INR 500. You would also need to make a purchase within 30 days with your RBL Bank credit card to get this voucher. 
  • When you fulfill these conditions, you will get 2,500 Reward Points that you can redeem to get the gift voucher from Amazon by going to the RBL Bank Rewards Portal. 

Benefits on Entertainment, Dining, and Travel

  • You will be getting 10% cashback on Movie Tickets, Food Orders on Zomato and Uber Rides for a total of 10 times in a year, if you manage to spend INR 10,000, INR 30,0000 or INR 75,0000 with your credit card respectively. 
  • The maximum cashback is fixed at INR 100 that you can get on all these categories. 
  • The most amazing benefit that you can get with your RBL Bank Credit Card is the Annual Zomato Membership. You can get it when you make a total annual spend of INR 1,50,000. 
  • When you add up all the benefits provided by the RBL Bank Credit Card, you can save a total of INR 8,000. 

Rewards Program

  • Whenever you spend INR 100 on any online platform, you will be getting 2 reward points on every spend. 
  • Similarly, whenever you make any offline spend with your RBL Bank Credit Card, you will get 1 reward point except the fuel transactions. 

What is the Joining Fee?

To opt for this RBL Bank Cookies Credit Card, you will need to pay INR 500 plus GST charges as the Annual Membership Fee. The same will be charged from the second year onwards as the Renewal Fee. 

How to Make RBL Bank Credit Card Payment

You will need to make the RBL Bank Credit Card Payment on or before the due date so that your credit score can increase. The Bill payment can be done online via Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking or offline via visiting the branch of the RBL Bank.