How To Do HDFC Credit Card Payment?

To maintain a healthy credit cycle it is important you pay your HDFC credit card bills every month before the due date. Credit card payments have a huge impact on your credit score as well. And sometimes the due credit card bills can affect your credit score negatively. Using your HDFC Bank credit card, you must have the benefit of various rewards and discount offers. But if you don’t want to be trapped in a debt cycle then do HDFC credit card payment regularly. So if you have an HDFC credit card, read this article and know how to do HDFC credit card payment.

Bill Desk

You can use the HDFC bank Bill Deskt service to pay your HDFC credit card bills online. To make an HDFC credit card payment, you just have to follow these simple steps.

Provide Your HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Details

  • Enter your HDFC Bank Credit Card number and the bill amount
  • Select your bank from the drop-down and click to ‘ PAY’
  • Then you will be redirected to the bank payment interface  

Confirm HDFC Credit Card Payment

  • Enter your authentication details such as user id and password
  • Confirm the payment
  • The amount will get debited online from your bank account

Confirmation of Payment

  • You will receive a confirmation with the transaction reference number on your registered mobile number
  • Also receive an email acknowledgement of your transaction

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App

You can download the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking app which performs up to 125+ transactions. With which you can transfer funds, pay utility and HDFC Bank credit card bills, buy and sell mutual funds, view account information, etc. Use the mobile banking app across a wide variety of smartphones. The HDFC credit card payments are password-protected and encrypted. You can use the HDFC Bank service 24×7.

iPhone User

  • Search for ‘HDFC Bank’ on your iPhone’s app store 
  • Download the app
  • Enter your customer ID and password to login
  • Go to the credit card section
  • Click to ‘Pay Bill’
  • Enter your credit card number
  • HDFC credit card payment will be confirmed and debited from your HDFC Bank account.

Android User

  • Search for HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App on Play Store.
  • Download the HDFC Bank MobileBanking App. 
  • Enter your customer ID and password to login.
  • Select credit cards from the products
  • Click to ‘Pay Bill’
  • Enter your credit card number
  • Confirm HDFC credit card payment 
HDFC Bank Netbanking

The customers can also use the online banking service for hassle-free credit card payment. You just have to do nothin. Go to the HDFC Bank official website and login to your account. For further information follow these steps.

Add a biller

  1. Log in to your NetBanking account
  2. Choose ‘BillPay’ from the options, add a biller
  3. Enter your HDFC Bank credit card details
  4. Choose your payment option like standing instructions, National Automated Clearing House (NACH), Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)
  5. Choose how you want to pay the HDFC credit card bills using debit card or savings account
  6. Confirm the payment option 

Make Payment

  1. Log in to your NetBanking account
  2. Choose ‘BillPay’
  3. Select your credit card
  4. View the due balance 
  5. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  6. Make payment online