How To Choose Best Credit Cards in India For You?

Credit card has emerged as one of the most popular products among the customers due to the amazing services it provides to them. There are so many banks and financial institutions, that gives the opportunity to avail an extensive range of credit cards to the customers according to their needs. But since there are so many options in front of customers, confusion is bound to happen at some point in time and it is really difficult for an individual to choose the best credit cards in India for them. 

First of all, you need to understand this fact that there can not be a single credit card that can fit to all the customers. Each individual has different financial needs and spending habits, and he or she uses the credit card according to that only. So, it is important to keep this in mind when you are going to choose the best credit cards in India for yourself. In this article, we will be telling you about some of the important points that you must keep in mind while choosing a suitable credit card for you. These factors will certainly help you in making a better decision to get the best card in your pocket. 

Factors to Check while Choosing the Best Credit Cards in India

When you are going to choose the best credit cards in India, there are a few factors that have high importance and you must keep them in your mind. All of them are mentioned below. 

Welcome Benefits:- When you opt for any credit card, the bank welcomes you with joining benefits such as cashback of worth IRN 500 on making your first transaction with your credit card within 30 days of the issuance. So, when you are choosing the best credit cards in India, you must check if your chosen card is providing your satisfactory welcome benefits on the joining. Otherwise, it would be wise to choose some other credit card. It is important to choose a credit card that is giving you welcome benefits on joining itself as this is the first step of your credit card journey. 

Credit Limit:- When you opt for a credit card, there is a certain limit upto which you can spend with your card. This limit is known as the Credit Limit. Having a higher limit will automatically make you eligible for spending a higher amount. Your credit limit mainly depends on your monthly income and credit score. If you have a high monthly income, the lender will be more likely to give you a higher credit limit. But while choosing the best credit cards in India, you must choose the credit limit according to your repayment capacity. 

Rewards Program:- When you are going to opt for a credit card, you must know your spending habits very well as it will help you in choosing the best credit cards in India. Suppose you get a credit card that has been giving some amazing rewards and cashback offers in the dining category but you don’t spend on this category much. So, this credit card will not be useful for you. You should choose a credit card according to your spending habits. Like if you travel frequently for your personal or business purposes, you should choose a Travel Credit Card. And similarly, if you love online shopping then you must choose a card that can give you exciting offers on shopping. 

Annual and Joining Fees:- Generally, lenders charge an annual and joining fee for the credit card you are choosing. But the best credit cards in India usually have this option of joining and renewal fee waiver off with spending a particular amount with your credit card. 

So, if you keep these factors in mind, you will certainly be able to choose the best credit card for you without any trouble.