How To Be Eligible For The YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card?

YES Bank is undoubtedly one of the leading private banks of India that offers a wide range of banking products to customers. Among them, the Credit Card is one of the most popular products among customers. One such credit card provided by the YES bank which is quite popular among customers is the YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card. As it is evident from the name, it brings prosperity in the life of credit cardholders with the offers provided by it. One of the important questions that people often ask is how can they get this card in their pockets? 

Well, YES Bank has a fixed set of conditions that a customer needs to be fulfilled. So, what are these conditions? We will talk about this, and all the other exciting features of the YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card in this article. So, please keep reading it. First, we are showing the conditions that you need to fulfill to get this card in your pocket. 

  1. The first and foremost condition is related to the age of the individual. It should range from 21 to 60 years of age. 
  2. If you are a salaried employee and thinking whether you can apply for this card or not, you don’t need to worry. Both Salaried and Self-employed individuals can get this amazing credit card. 
  3. It’s just Salaried Employees should have a minimum net income of INR 60,000 per month and self-employed individuals should have an annual ITR of INR 7.20 lakhs and above.

YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card Features that you should know

We are showing all the features of the YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card that you should know. Have a look.

Annual Bonus Rewards

Do you know that with your YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card, you can easily earn 15,000 Bonus Reward Points if you manage to spend INR 6 lakh in a year with your card. You must be thinking about what this Reward Point program is? Well, with the Edge Reward Program, customers can earn reward points on spendings. These reward points can be redeemed later with a range of offers and gift options. 

  • For example, if you spend INR 200 on Grocery, Supermarkets, Dining, Departmental Stores, you will get 8 Reward Points. While, in all other categories, you will get 4 Reward Points. 
  • The best thing is if you register on YES PayNow, you will be getting a total of 500 Reward Points. 
  • All the reward points can be redeemed via YESRewardz against ticket booking of Flights, Movies, Hotels, or Rewards Catalogue, or Against Air Miles where 8 Reward Points is equal to 1 InterMile or 1 Club Vistara Point. So, if you are a frequent traveler, consider yourself in a treat. 

Insurance Coverage

You will also get an Insurance Coverage of INR 50 lakh for death due to any air Accident with your YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card.

While traveling overseas, you will get a Medical Insurance Cover of INR 15 lakhs for any emergency hospitalization. 

What is the Interest Rate on the Revolving Credit?

For any Revolving Credit, Cash Advance and Overdue Amount, you will need to pay an interest rate of 3.5% per month (42% annually).

Joining and Annual Fees – INR 1,199 + Applicable GST