How To Apply For an SBI Credit Card in an Easy Way?

There is a separate place of State Bank of India (SBI) when it comes to leading banks of India because of its amazing banking services such as loan facilities, deposits, credit cards, etc. But one of the most popular banking products among customers is the SBI Credit Card due to its amazing cashback offers, Reward Program, and other things. SBI provides different types of credit cards to customers from different types of economic backgrounds. So, it’s important to know how you can apply for an SBI Credit Card in an easy way without any worry. 

The application process to get any SBI Credit Card is the same and there are mainly two types of methods that you can opt for – Online and Offline. We will talk about both methods in detail, so keep reading. 

Online Application Method

For this method, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to go to the official website of SBI. On reaching there, you will see the ‘Credit Cards’ Section. You will see credit cards across different categories like Rewards, Shopping, Travel & Fuel, Business, etc. You can see all the features of each card by clicking any of them. On this section, you will see an ‘Apply Now’ button below the credit card.

To apply for the desired SBI Credit Card, click on that button so that you can be redirected to the Application Page. On this page, you will need to fill a few basic details. First of all, you need to tell whether you already have an SBI Card or not. After which, you will need to submit a few personal details. These details will be your name, email address, residential city and mobile number. 

After submitting these details, fill a few professional details like your employment type, monthly income, job history, etc. The last step would be to fill the current residential address and submit your application. SBI will assess your application and on finding eligible for a credit card, the representatives from the SBI will contact you regarding the further process where you will need to submit some documents and soon, your credit card will be in your hands.

Offline Application Method

If you don’t want to apply via Online method, you can always opt via Offline method. For this, you only visit the nearest SBI Branch. Representatives over there will take care of everything and tell you about the process you need to follow to apply for a credit card. 

SBI Credit Card Benefits that Customers Can Enjoy

The popularity of SBI Credit Card has been growing since the day of its launch. The reason: it provides a wide range of benefits that customers can enjoy across different categories. We are showing some of the prominent benefits of credit cards from SBI below. Have a look!

  • SBI Credit Cards help customers save more money. How? Well, you can transfer your outstanding credit card balance to SBI at an affordable rate of interest and during this process, you can save a lot of money. Other than this, you can convert your transactions into easy monthly installments. 
  • With your credit card from SBI, you can also fulfill any of your financial needs with the ‘Encash’ facility as you can get money above your credit limit directly into your account within 48 hours.
  • You can also opt for an Additional Credit Card for your family members, Spouse, children above 18 years of age with which they can also enjoy the benefits. 
  • With facilities like Auto Bill payment and Fetch & Pay, you can make the utility bill payments with much more ease. 
  • SBI Credit Card also provides a higher credit limit on your card but you should always spend within your repayment capacity so that you can pay your bills on time.