How The Axis Bank Indian Oil Credit Card Fuels Spend Limit?

These days petrol prices are touching the height of the sky, and if you want to fit it in your budget of spends, you need a card. And the best card for all your spends including the fuel benefit is the Axis Bank Indian Oil credit card. If you are not fond of the credit cards, this card will change your choice. Read the article and know the features of the IndianOil Axis Bank credit card.

At what cost I get Axis Bank Indian Oil credit card!

Only for INR 500 and an applicable GST rate of 18% you can get the IndianOil credit card from Axis Bank. The cardholder can experience a 100% cashback on his fuel spends within 30 days of the card issuance. It is a limited period offer for customers so that they do not need to wait long for the card benefits. A maximum of INR 250 you can get on your fuel transactions at Indian Oil or any other fuel station. The cashback amount is processed in 30 days of your last transaction made from the card. And it would be visible on your next billing statement of the credit card. 

What is the Value chart of my spending on Axis bank credit card?

You can save as much as you do not even think of with the Axis Bank Indian Oil credit card. Because there are valueback points on fuel transactions with a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on INR 200 to 5,000 monthly spend. The valueback is 4% for ICOL transactions and  1% for online payment. You can convert the accumulated points whether into liters or cashback. Not only you can get the benefit on your day to day purchase. But, you can also light your Saturday or weekends using the card. Because it offers a 20% discount on Axis Bank partnered restaurants and a 10% discount on movie tickets using BookMyShow.

And for the annual spending of INR 50,000, the bank waiver the renewal fee of your Axis Bank Indian Oil credit card. 

Apply for IndianOil credit card using Axis online banking!

Visit the official website of Axis Bank, and select credit cards from the products choose the IndianOil card and click to “Apply Now”. After that mention your name, number, email, etc. in the online application form and submit it to the bank. If you are an Axis Customer, you can do the same process using the Axis Bank Mobile app. Just download the app from Google Play or Apple Store on your smartphone to make the process easier. 

For making payments of your credit card bills, you can use payment methods such as UPI to transfer funds without delay or penalty charges on them. Axis Bank charges a penalty fee of INR 300, on due amount above INR 100. And it can be maximum up to INR 700 depending on the due amount. The cash withdrawal from the IndianOil card is easier, and you can use any of the ATM to withdraw cash from the card. Pay a fee of INR 500 or 3.4% of the cash amount after the withdrawal on the next billing cycle.