How Can Yatra SBI Card Be a Suitable Travel Credit Card For You?

Credit Card is one of the financial products that every individual wants to have in his/her pocket. The reason behind this is the unmatched privileges that a credit card can provide to you. There are several banks and financial institutions that provide a wide range of credit cards across several categories such as entertainment, travel, dining, etc. An individual likes to choose a credit card according to the category he or she spends on most. If you are someone who frequently travels for personal or professional reasons, a travel credit card would be the perfect choice for you. 

And when we talk about travel credit cards, it is simply impossible to not mention the Yatra SBI Card that is one of the amazing travel credit cards out in the market. Made from the collaboration between and State Bank of India (SBI), Yatra SBI Card provides you countless reasons to travel. This card is loaded with some amazing cashback offers, reward programs, etc that make it so popular among the customers who travel all the time. In this article, we will cover all the features related to this SBI Travel Card, How can you apply for it, What are the Fees and charges on this card, etc. So, keep reading!

Features of Yatra SBI Card that You must Look At!

Want to know about the features of the Yatra SBI Card that will make you fall for this card? We are showing all of them below. Please have a look!

Welcome Benefits

  • Yatra SBI Card will shower you with the Welcome Benefits as soon as you get this card on your hands. Like you will get Welcome Gift vouchers worth INR 8,250 from the travel website Yatra. These vouchers will be for you across different categories such as International Travel, Domestic Travel, Hotel Bookings, Domestic Holidays, International Holidays, etc. 
  • All of these vouchers will be provided to you within 15 days of the payment of the annual fee of the first year.  

Travel Benefits

With the Yatra SBI Card, you will get several offers on Travel whether it’s domestic or international. Look at some of those features below. 

  • On making a minimum transaction of INR 5,000 when you book domestic flights, you will get a discount of INR 1,000 on your transaction.
  • Similarly, on booking International Flights minimum of INR 40,000, you will get INR 4,000 off your transaction. 
  • Whenever you make a booking of any domestic hotel, you will get 20% off on your transaction. However, the minimum transaction amount should be INR 3,000 and you can get INR 2,000 as the maximum discount.

Reward Points

Do you know that you can get upto 5,000 Reward Points every month on the spends you make with your Yatra SBI Card? To know more, check the offers mentioned below. 

  • Whenever you spend INR 100 on categories, such as Grocery, Departmental Stores, Dining, Movies, Entertainment and International Spends, you will get 6 Reward Points on every transaction. For example, if you book a movie ticket worth INR 500, you will be getting 30 Reward Points on this transaction. 
  • Similarly, you will get 1 Reward Point on every other retail spend of INR 100. 
  • You can redeem all these reward points on as discount vouchers. You also need to remember that 1 Reward Point is Equal to INR 0.25. 

Annual and Renewal Fee

The annual and Renewal Fee on the Yatra SBI Card is fixed at INR 499 plus GST. Other than this, you can get your annual fee waived off if you spend more than INR 1,00,000 in the previous year. You can visit the official SBI website if you want to apply for this amazing travel credit card.