Central SBI Select Plus Card Benefits to Look Out For!

SBI has been one of the foremost choices for the Indian populace when it comes to banking products. And, among the banking products, one of the most sought after banking products is credit cards. India getting hit by the digital revolution has taken the globalisation to a new level. Now, people have access to all sorts of brands, be it international or domestic. This has given rise to aspirational levels with people wanting to own more and more products. But the lack of purchasing power is something that is a hindrance between them and the products they want to own. That’s why India’s most favourite bank, SBI, has introduced Central SBI Select Plus Card. It is highly secure and uses the Contact Wave Pay feature. There are more Central SBI Select Plus Card Benefits which we have listed down below:

Excellent Welcome Benefits: As soon as you own the Central SBI Select Plus Card, the benefits start coming your way. You get Central e-gift vouchers worth INR 3000.  Also, you get complimentary m-coupons worth Rs. 500 each for first 3 months.

Outstanding Reward Benefits: Out of all the Central SBI Select Plus Card Benefits, the reward programme is the best. For every INR 100 spent on any Central select store, you get 20 points. Also, if you spend INR 100 on any dining and movie transactions, you get 10 Select Points.

Cash on the Go: This is the most standout benefit of the SBI Select Plus Credit Card. Not many credit cards offer you the luxury of withdrawing money from it. Well, you can, but it involves a complex procedure. First, you have to transfer the balance to your Paytm and then that money to your bank account, in order to withdraw. With the Central SBI Select plus credit card, you can do so directly by inserting the card into the ATM. You can withdraw  cash using 1 million ATMs worldwide.

Flexipay: With the Flexipay feature of the Central SBI Select Plus Card, you can convert any purchase you make into EMIs. Any purchases equal to or more than INR 2500 can be converted into an EMI transaction. This should be done within 30 days from the date of transaction by logging into SBI’s official website.

Speedy Transactions: Central SBI Select Plus Card is equipped with the Visa Contact Wave feature, which speed up the transaction process at the merchant’s terminal. All you have to do is just wave the card at the terminal and go.

Worldwide usage: This SBI credit card can be used anywhere in the world. It has global acceptance across 24 million Visa outlets across the word and close to 3,25,000 outlets in India. Isn’t that amazing? Travel the world stress free with this global benefit of the Central Sbi Select Plus Card.

Add-on Cards – You can also empower your family by giving them add on cards that can help them deal with their expenses. For instance, if your kids are in college, you can give them the add-on cards to cope up with their day-to-day expenses. This way you can also keep a track as to where they are spending.

These were some of the SBI Select Plus Card benefits that is surely convincing enough to own one as soon as possible.