Best Travel Card India- What Are The Options You’ve Got?

In recent times the internet penetration has surged massive, consequently, due to mobile phones so easily accessible. Now people have content from around the world. According to some statistics, travel and fashion content is the most sought after content nowadays. Indians are looking forward to exploring new travel destinations more than ever. In order to make their travel experience the best one, many banks offers customers with travel cards (a.k.a forex cards). Some of the best travel card India are mentioned as follows:

HDFC ForexPlus Card: HDFC is known for its approach towards financial problem solving. When it saw how travel lovers were struggling with all the cash and traveler’s cheque issue, it introduced the HDFC ForexPlus Card. Certainly, one of the best forex cards in India right now, in terms of safety and convenience. There are a variety of prepaid cards available under the Forex Plus Card category which provide different benefits. Let’s have a look:

MakeMyTrip HDFC ForexPlus Card: It was launched in association with MakeMyTrip (one of the largest travel aggregators in India) to provide a seamless travel experience to the customers.  Along with the card comes complimentary Insurance cover. Also, the main benefit that it provides is that it offers protection against exchange rate fluctuations.

Regalia ForexPlus Card: It is apt for travel buffs planning to do an extensive one country tour. It lets you load one currency on the card. Regalia ForexPlus Card is available in USD and other popular currencies. No withdrawal fees are charged, if you decide to withdraw cash from an ATM. Free Insurance cover is also provided alongwith this card.   

Multi Currency ForexPlus Card: This card is definitely going to augment your travel experience to another level as it lets you load upto 22 currencies on your card. It one of the best travel card India. Taking a Euro trip will be so convenient using this card. You can load all the currencies of the country that your planning to go in one card and travel freely. It comes with the Contactless payment feature wherein you can just have to tap your card and the payment is done.

Easy Ways To Credit Card Apply Online

Earlier, when the internet wasn’t a common thing in our country, applying for a credit card was a tedious process. Customers had to visit the branch and fill in the application process and then submit the relevant documents. This involved a huge amount of time and effort. The time from the application process to the disbursal of credit card would take months to happen. But thanks to the internet for making the credit card application process very simple and extremely fast. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps to credit card apply online:

  • Compare Credit Card Offers by Different Banks.
  • Choose the card that fits the best for you in terms of your needs (shopping, travel or dining), also, in terms of offers and rewards.
  • Go to the Bank’s website and click on the credit card tab and choose the credit card you want.
  • Press the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  • Enter the details asked for –  Name, Date of Birth, PAN No., Mobile Number, email-id, employment type (salaried or self employed) and the type of bank account you hold with the bank.
  • Click on Submit.
  • After this bank officials will call you for verification purposes and send an official to your place to pick up the relevant documents (employment proof and address proof). Once done, you’ll get a credit card in a week’s time at your place.