Best Forex Cards in India For You To Choose From

When you travel abroad, carrying cash with you all the time is too risky and also a bit inconvenient because you can not have an estimate about the amount that you will carry with you all the time. Now, this option is out from the picture, you must be thinking about carrying a debit card in your pocket with lots of money loaded in it. But let me tell you that, this option is also not feasible because of the different currency in another country. You wouldn’t want to pay a different kind of charges while spending. 

To solve this problem of carrying money while traveling abroad, several banks provide Forex Card by which you can carry multiple currencies in a single card. Also known as the traveler card and prepaid travel card, this is the cheapest and most secure way to carry multiple foreign currencies in your wallet. Before traveling, you can load the currency of that country on your card and use it without any worry. You can swipe anywhere and also, withdraw cash with the help of it. In this article, we will be telling you about the best forex cards in India that you can consider to opt for before your next trip abroad and also the facts that you must consider before taking them.

YES Bank Multi Currency Travel Card:

Being one of the best Forex cards in India, this prepaid card by YES bank can be loaded up with 15 currencies which are among the most widely used ones. The important thing is the foreign currency exchange rate is locked-in at the time of your card issuance and will remain the same. The validity of this card is for two years which means that the currency you will load into it will be valid for this period. 

MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card:

This forex card by HDFC can be loaded up with upto 22 widely used currencies in one single card. You also don’t have to worry about the insurance part as you will get the insurance cover of INR 25 lakh by just having this card in your wallet. The validity of this card is for five years from the date of card issuance which makes it one of the best forex cards in India.  The issuance fee for this prepaid card by HDFC is fixed at INR 499 for this card.

Axis Bank Multi Currency Forex Card

This traveler card by Axis Bank gives you total security against any kind of ups and downs in the rates of different currencies. Also, you can cash out the remaining balance on your card on coming back from the abroad trip. You can load up to a maximum of 16 different currencies. 

ICICI Bank Travel Card:

One of the largest private sector bank of India, ICICI Bank provides a wide array of prepaid travel cards such as GoIbibo, Coral, Sapphiro, Student, Multi Currency Travel Card. You can choose the suitable best forex cards in India for yourself. You can load upto a maximum of 16 currencies in a single card. 

What are the important things that one must consider before choosing the best Forex Cards in India?
  • You must check the daily limit of your card. Check whether it is matching with your requirements.
  • Get yoursefl acquainted with the PIN generation method of the card that you choose in case of any emergency.
  • Keep the helpline number of your respective bank ready.